Urban Exploring Controversial Secret Location

Back in September of 2017 , RiddimRyder Photography and I set out on a random weekend road-trip, with no real destinations in mind – just good old fashioned free-styling.

Our goal was to discover fresh locations and to cover as much ground as possible, it was two long days, hours upon hours of driving across two provinces.

One of the discoveries we made was a building we had once heard about, but never made the attempt, due to it’s highly controversial history. It was a very short scout and explore with plans to return for a more detailed visit.

Fast forward a month or so and we made the long drive across the province to the small town this location is located in.

We made our approach early so as to not bring any attention to our efforts, as this place is well watched by the nearby businesses and residents.

While filming, we both saw things that we knew we could not show in photos or in our video, for our own safety and for the preservation of this high risk facility.

I hate to be so vague, but the location is interesting in itself without the history and controversy, so let your minds run wild about what this could be!

Come in an explore this Highly Sensitive, Controversial and Secret Location.

Note, that some scenes in this video had to be blurred out to not only preserve the location but to protect us both.


Exploring this location, which we can’t name or give any clues towards was one of the most nerve wracking experiences I’ve had.

I focussed mainly on shooting video footage and only took a handful of photos, which you can see on my website at the link below.

Knowing the facility is mostly vacant and unused , we walked through many cobwebs and saw quite a bit of water damage and signs of decay. However, we did pass a number of security cameras, rooms with lights on and even fans running in hallways and other rooms.

Feeling like at any moment we should pull the plug and leave, RiddimRyder Photography and I pressed our luck and kept shooting.

I wish I could tell you of the things we saw in this place, I wish I could have taken photos of the many strange things we found.



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