Urban Exploration Videos

Urban Exploration Videos

A collection of  Urban Exploration videos I have made while exploring and photographing abandoned places.   A page of YouTube videos where you can find urbex videos taken of the abandoned locations I explore while Urban Exploring and photographing locations.

YouTube is a relatively new concept for me and I am really enjoying taking videos and posting them there to give people a different perspective of the photos I post and the places I see. It’s also a great way to catalog the places I visit.

I’m also having fun playing with intro’s and effects and lighting techniques, you’ll see some of that next week and I think these videos will just continue to improve as I learn.

I am a strong believer in trying new things, new technologies and trying new platforms to bring my content to people in different ways, not only does it extend my reach but it also gives a chance those to follow my stuff regularly to see beyond the single static images I post here every day.




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