The Cat Lady House


Finding an abandoned home or building is mostly luck, mixed with knowing where to look and most importantly knowing what signs to look for. Many of the abandoned houses I’ve found looked abandoned. There are those that you just aren’t sure about though…take the crazy cat lady house for example.  Like most urban explorers do, we’re always looking for the obvious signs

-overgrown grass
-broken windows
-boarded windows
-no mailbox/mailbox stuffed with newspapers and phonebooks.


Driving home on a summer night I saw a property with a very faded sign with the painted name of the farm barely visible. Beyond that sign was a slightly overgrown lawn that showed some signs of maintenance. There were rows of pear trees and a car parked in the driveway. The house was set far back from the road almost totally out of sight.

I pulled in acting like I made a wrong turn, in-case someone was actually there. First thing I noticed was a chain across the front door and overgrown weeds on the long steps leading up. The inside French doors were open and part of the ceiling tiles had collapsed from water damage..but I still was a little unsure of whether this is abandoned or not.


I decided to take the chance, all signs pointed to abandonment!

I was right



After circling the entire house in the surrounding sun room I made my way inside the house, I was immediately overcome by the smell of cat… pee, cat feces, cat litter…cat death.

Then, I realized it’s not only cat smells all around me, it’s also cat stuff….



The next thing that I could not avoid was the wallpaper…awful, awful wallpaper in every room…



Notice the ceiling…….


Upon further exploration of the house, the many rooms and the two floors, you get a strong sense of sadness and loneliness, it’s very hard in an abandonment like this one to not draw your own conclusions of what happened. There are so many personal items all over the house, not claimed by any family members….just left





Two of the most heart breaking things that I found in this house were a cane, resting against the couch….as though that’s where it was left when the owner passed away, alone in the living room…


The other, was a card written to a father by his daughter who has moved away to Germany, she talks about keeping up his daily walks and to not smoke so much…



There are countless other items throughout the home…

Like this jewelry box, the ballerina still spun when I opened it and the song played one whole time, and then it stopped.


These drawings, done by one of the owners.  There were dozens of pages of these sketches.






I found a few photos that I had carefully placed in the same spot as where the photo was taken…

Picture in Picture - Cat


Picture in Picture - Man

And finally, as if there wasn’t enough sadness in this house, and proof that the owner had died in the house, I found this – their last cat..I wonder how long it wandered the home afraid before she tucked herself underneath the chair and let herself die….


After my first visit I had invited a few trusted explorers to see the place, and not long after that the scrappers made their way there. The copper pipes had been pulled from the walls, the brass light fixtures gone, the kitchen and living room looted.

I have been two times since and this place has become a popular spot among local urban explorers, regardless of the looting, scrapping and the fact that nothing is as it was what I found it, it still attracts visitors and every shot I see from another explorer is another reminder of how sad it felt on that first visit.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.



6 thoughts on “The Cat Lady House”

  1. So sad. At one time, this place could have been fixed back up into a very nice home. I loved the architecture. Imagine the entertaining that could have been done in that vaulted ceiling kitchen/living room! I loved the all glass garage. I can imagine this house was quite expensive when purchased, but I would have loved to live in a house like this.

  2. I stumbled on your blog through Facebook just today & after just two articles, I’m hooked(This article & the music)!
    I love looking at old pictures, paintings, architecture, etc. I’m no expert just a novice with a great appreciation for beauty, the past & anything old.
    It makes me very sad when I see people destroy something of beauty, such as an old house, old photos or antique ANYTHING. I love to know about the history behind or I like to imagine what kind of life that person had.
    Thank you for these, I will enjoy my night tonight. Can’t wait for photos & articles. Thank you again.

  3. Thank you for the sensitive, thought provoking article. It definitely leaves the reader feeling sad and wondering what happened. I looked up the rest of the vlogs on YouTube concerning this house and I have reached the conclusion that it is not a dead cat that was left behind, rather, it appears to have been a tame raccoon. The muzzle, teeth, fur and claws look like those of a raccoon. Furthermore, one of the other vlogs shows pictures left in the house of a tame raccoon eating out of cat food bowls. At any rate, it would be equally cruel to leave a tame raccoon behind to slowly starve to death. Thank you again for sharing this story about a kind, intriguing person and the senseless, destructive aftermath following her death.

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