Remembering Jeff Chapman

Remembering Jeff Chapman, aka Ninjalicious

Years ago people used to run around and explore abandoned buildings for fun, mostly without a camera, sometimes with a camera. I used to poke around in old buildings in my home town, I even went down into some storm drains below the city I grew up in. Back then, to kids like me it was just getting into trouble.

Fast forward to the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s someone decided to give it a name, “Urban Exploring”, This persons name was Jeff Chapman (aka Ninjalicious) and he is responsible for Urban Exploration as we know it today, he is responsible for many of the terms we use, methods and rules we follow and largely for the online organization of this community.

Ten years ago this past Sunday Jeff passed away after a battle with Cancer, before he passed away Jeff published a book called “Access All Areas: a user’s guide to the art of urban exploring”, I have this book and I’ve read it twice.

The Toronto Star recently remembered Ninjalicious in an article and discussed his legacy, I highly recommend you all head over and read this at the link I’ve provided I also recommend his book “Access all Areas”, it can be purchased at the amazon link below:

Toronto Star Ninjalicious Article

Buy Access All Areas on Amazon

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  1. before ACCESS ALL AREAS came along, Jeff was responsible for an excellently naïve magazine called INFILTRATION, a cheesy little 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 stapled photocopy handjob (maybe a couple hundred copies per issue) that he used to bring to the Toronto Small Press Fair back in the day (early’9os). we’d been thinking it’d be a good idea to have me cover some abandoned railroad locales for it but, sadly, he embarked on his Last Big Adventure before that was abled to happen.
    ACCESS ALL AREAS is largely derived from INFILTRATION but the anthology lacks the homemade charm of the original compulsion.
    thanks for the memoriam notice. i’m gonna take a trip back through those later tonight after today’s adventure!

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