Psychiatric Symptoms


Located deep in the tunnels of an abandoned psychiatric hospital is a library, found in the library was a box full of cards that listed various Psychiatric Symptoms, simply labeled “Symptom Index”


Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital
Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Psychiatric Symptoms


Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital
Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Psychiatric Symptoms

Upon further inspection, inside this box were tabs each listing psychiatric symptoms and within each tab was a case/study that was performed on patients, what the remedy was and what the results were.  All also contained the name of the publication that could be found in the library that contained the full report as well as the year that the study was done.

Here is a selection of the the symptom cards that I pulled out and photographed.  Some of these “Symptoms” are rather shocking and might be found to be offensive, equally as shocking are the methods used to “cure” things like homosexuality.

Here is a look at what the cards contained.


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  1. Psychiatric Symptoms

    Very interesting photographs. But, isn’t there a law against publishing this kind of private medical information of people that may be still alive? Just wondering…..

  2. I have to agree with the above comment. You might want to edit out the names at the top of the pages. These people could very well still be alive.

  3. Its interesting that while homosexuality is considered deviant behavior in some case studies, when the problem is pedophilia, the “goal” is to desensitize to children, and success is measured by homosexual activity with adult males.

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