Building Your Social Media Photography Following

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Building Your Social Media Photography Following With the rising popularity of digital technology social media has become a tempting platform for photographers to promote their talents online and building your social media photography following is more important now than ever. Disseminated by Facebook, Instagram on smart phones, tablets and home computers, photography today thrives online. … Read more

What If it’s Not Abandoned?

The Touristinstagram photographer of ontario abandoned places

How an explorer of abandoned houses known as “The Tourist” walked into an unlikely scenario and formed an unexpected friendship.   Exploring and photographing abandoned houses always comes with its share of surprises, it also often confronts you with some moral questions and scenarios, there are many “what if’s” that can be associated with this hobby.  What … Read more

The Cat Lady House

Finding an abandoned home or building is mostly luck, mixed with knowing where to look and most importantly knowing what signs to look for. Many of the abandoned houses I’ve found looked abandoned. There are those that you just aren’t sure about though…take the crazy cat lady house for example.  Like most urban explorers do, … Read more