Hospital Infiltration

This triple crane, 2.7 Billion dollar, 1.6 million sq. ft multi-level monster of a construction site has been taunting me for months and begging me for a visit.

It’s cranes can be seen from all over the city and i’ve been itching to climb one and enjoy the view, followed by a night time walk through the site.

you saved my life,

Every week I hope to get some free time late enough at night to take a run for this very large construction site.

This hospital will have space for almost 500 beds and space to add an additional 200 beds when needed. Come opening day, this state of the art facility will be one very busy hospital!

But tonight, it’s all mine (except for the at least 4 construction workers I spotted pulling an over night shift, which made for an even more exciting infiltration!

My first obstacle…this sign………which as I suspected, is merely a mental obstacle.

now maybe it's my turn to save yours

Once I realized there were no dogs and I checked out the exterior I found myself in a face off with a skunk…so I said screw the outside, lets go in…

It was very interesting weaving my way through the hall ways and navigating the skeletons that will soon be patient rooms and waiting areas..

I demand you remember who you are

I can endure no more,

can't make a decision you keep questioning yourself

I then found what I was looking for, the first crane – it was a daring climb as there are lights shining on parts of it, some parts I will be totally exposed, once I am almost up, I realize that there are two workers near the entrance putting in a water tank, this will be fun…

like I'm your leader

you're supposed to fucking be my mentor

you come to me with ideas

I’m done with the crane, now I want to get up to those upper levels..this also proves difficult as there is music playing somewhere inside the hospital that is carrying through the halls, making it hard to pin point where its coming from, so I step lightly….often stepping on bits of metal or kicking a bolt by accident…those noises sound so loud when your in a heightened state of alertness!

I navigate and explore each level on my way up, stopping to photograph selected features that catch my eye…

second guessing and it's almost like you're begging for my help

seems like your own opinion's not one you can form

or you don't believe in you no more

but you're either getting lazy

'Cause the shit I hear is crazy

You've been gone for so long

Finally I get to the top levels, the high ceilings, ambient light reflecting off concrete and metal skeletons casting shadows on the structure are exactly what I hoped they would be. I stayed up here much longer than I had planned, it was 1:00am, the city was deathly quiet and the air was cool and fresh, I’m in no hurry!

Call me a doctor

I'm running out of time

I need a doctor

I'm about to lose my mind

you say they're just pieces so I'm puzzled

With my adrenaline pumping and a strong sense of accomplishment and excitement that I finally got this place done, I make my way down to the ground, navigate the halls back to the outside to make my exit.

It was a success!

I can check this one off my list!



Thanks for reading!

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