Freaktography Treyvax Partnership

One of the companies who sponsors my content is Treyvax, Treyvax has been kind enough to work with me to provide their durable tactical products products for my explores and adventures.

About Treyvax

To design for longevity, inspire to action, and give from passion; to drive a greater love of the outdoors to humankind.

Trayvax was started by founder Mark King in 2013. Years earlier, Mark set out to create a product that would cut down on plastic bag waste. What began as a reusable plastic bag carrier became, through many prototypes and revisions, something completely new to the world: the Trayvax wallet. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions – and offer the most utility of any wallet, metal or otherwise, on the market anywhere – Trayvax wallets are built from the highest quality materials and made, by hand, here in the USA.

Just a few years ago, Mark was machining every Trayvax wallet by hand and powder-coating the aluminum faceplates with a small counter-top oven. Today, Trayvax is a company of over 25 employees working together, assembling, packaging, and shipping several hundred wallets a day. Having expanded the Trayvax line to include the Element, Summit, Contour and Axis models, as well as a host of top-quality accessories, we plan to grow and we’re excited to reveal what’s coming next.


You can get 10% off of your Tretyvax purchase when you use the code FREAK10, hit THIS LINK to visit the Treyvax website


The ARMORED SUMMIT WALLET is a great tool to carry your cards and money and not need a large clunky wallet.  Also, you can attach the wallet to your belt loops with the Keyton Clip Carabiner Keychain so you won’t ever lose your wallet.


The Keydex Keychain is not only a great way to keep your keys contained, you can stay silent and stealthy without the sound of keys jangling in your pockets! Can also be attached to the Carabiner to ensure nothing falls out of your pockets


I use my Link Lanyard to attach my GoPro and handle to my camera bag. This allows for me to stop and take photos and my GoPro is always attached and there when I’m ready to start filming again.


The TRAYVAX TREK FIELD KNIFE is an awesome accessory and comes in handy for all kinds of things while out on an adventure. It is light and razor sharp!


The SUMMIT GRIP | CELLPHONE WALLET ATTACHMENT is a perfect way to carry your cell phone and wallet together as the grip clips perfectly into the Summit wallet and adheres to your cell phone