Freaktography and Lume Cube Partnership

One of the companies who sponsors my content is Lume Cube, Lume Cube has been kind enough to work with me to provide their exceptional lighting products for my videos and for my photography.

Lume Cube Logo

Their Motto is simple: BETTER LIGHT = BETTER CONTENT

At Lume Cube, they live to help us create better content. They believe limitations shouldn’t be placed on our creativity based on the gear we have, the light of day, or the environment we are in. Lume Cube are a group of Content Creation nerds who spend their lives diligently creating, building, & marketing products that they believe will make our lives, our adventures, and our content better.

Everything they make must fit their 4 Pillars of Product Design: Make it PORTABLE. Make it DURABLE. Make it QUALITY. Make it USER FRIENDLY. Lume Cube are proud to have hundreds of thousands of customers around the world supporting their ever-growing product line.

The sun goes down every day…Don’t be left in the dark


You can get 10% off of your Lume Cube purchase when you use the code FREAK10, hit THIS LINK to visit the Lume Cube website.


My personal favourite Lume Cube Products are in the images below