Creepy Dolls Abandoned Time Capsule House Urban Exploration

Creepy Dolls Abandoned Time Capsule House Urban Exploration

RiddimRyder shared this abandoned time capsule house with me for an urban exploration road-trip in the Fall of 2018.  Located hours away and through a long drive of twisting backroads I finally came across the large open field where this home was located.  The remote location can be thanked for the way this abandoned house has been preserved over the years.

The abandoned house is starting to collapse, if you look closely at the photos of the living room you can see to the left of the stairs the house and the room are leaning to the left, the living room floor has collapsed and fallen down towards the basement.

The best part of this house is the upstairs which consisted of two fully intact bedrooms and a kids playroom with dozens of old creepy dolls.  The kitchen was still mostly intact as well and outside was a childs playground and old rusted out abandoned truck surrounded by overgrowth.

There is something about old dolls that while they may be cute when you buy them, they immediately turn creepy when left in a home that has been abandoned!



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