Abandoned Toronto Mansion

Abandoned Toronto Mansion – Victim of Development

There is a street in Toronto Ontario with many mansions, large houses and very nice houses that is oddly looking more and more like a ghost town within a big city. Beautiful houses that seem as though they were just built that are now slated for demolition to be replaced by various condo buildings along a busy street.
Having not driven down this road in some time, I was shocked to see just how many houses have been boarded up. Even some houses that are not yet boarded are in the middle of being moved out of or are sitting empty, almost as nice as they day they were built.
Carlo Paolozza and I joked that it was an abandoned drug lords mansion based on absolutely nothing but our own imaginations running wild while we explored this house

This is just one of these dozens of homes, it would take days to get in and out of each house, some look entirely lived in still but are likely just as empty and vacant inside as this one.