Abandoned Ontario Mansion

A Well Hidden and Very Secluded Abandoned Ontario Mansion

Every year it seems that we cannot top the amazing abandoned places that were found and discovered that year until something like this incredible abandoned Ontario Mansion comes along.

It is mind blowing to imagine that with all of the abandoned enthusiasts, urban explorers and curious adventurous photographers out there that this place hasn’t been discovered until now (as far as I know)

The story of how this place came to be known is that of luck and a fluke, a young explorers grandfather used to work in the area of this house and he knew of it, but had no reason to mention it.  Then he learned of his grandsons hobby of exploring and photographing old abandoned houses, the grandfather told his grandson where to find it and to see if it’s still there.  He followed the directions provided, hiked through a deep forest and finally found himself in front of a large and overgrown mansion.

As much as I would love to provide a deeper history of this amazing abandoned mansion, that would open up the location to people who have less than ideal intentions – and that is something I’m not willing to do.

I will say, the home had a number of wings and very long corridors, entryways and foyers,  Each wing was connected by a unique round room, one of them serving as a bar.  The home has a large solarium and ballroom, a courtyard with a (now filled in) swimming pool, a basement gym and Jacuzzi.  There were many bedrooms, a wine cellar, kitchen, prep area and large eating area.  I could go on and on about the features of the house, but now let’s allow the photographs to do the talking.

At the bottom of the page I have included a number of videos from outside of the house as a rain storm came through the area as well as some short and fun walk through videos.

Exterior Photos of this Abandoned Mansion

Window Views

Round Rooms


Additional Interiors, Kitchen, Dining Room, Solarium, Bedrooms, Corridors, Foyers etc.



PhotoSensory Clips of the Rain Storm on the Day I Visited





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