Abandoned Office Building Hazardous Materials

Abandoned Office Building with Medical Exam Department and Hazardous Materials

Quite a few months back I was scouting an area that I had some suspicions about and that it may hold some buildings of interest. I was very pleasantly surprised to stumble upon what looked to be a large multi-level vacant building. The problem at this moment was that it was in close proximity to another very busy building that was about to start a shift change, so i had a few moments to poke around but I had to be quick.

On this first scouting mission access was not to be, all doors were locked and all windows were sealed – add this to the list for a future visit.

Fast forward a few weeks and my friend Ground State and I have a full day lined up with this place on the list. After our first two locations I suggest to GS that we give this place a go – I am fully expecting to fail but it’s worth a shot.

I tried all of the doors with no luck and finally on the last door I realized that the last time I tried it would have just taken a little bit more effort – we were in!

The photos below are from three separate visits, our initial visit was cut short due to plans we had at another location, I came back that afternoon alone to capture some more of the place and then made one more visit with no time restrictions or worry about losing sunlight.

On first entry we started by exploring one wing of the facility – seems to have been the main offices and it really wasn’t very exciting

Next, I move up and over to another wing, to find that this side has been vacant much longer than the other side as evident by the decay and mold on the walls. I was pleased to find training rooms still complete with TV’s and VCR’s, desks, training manuals. safety equipment, books etc. When they decided not to use this building any longer they also decided to just leave everything there, as you will see if you keep reading – it gets better

Moving down another level, I am startled as I am greeted by someone sitting up on a filing cabinet, this temporarily scares the shit out of me until i realize who it is. I am now moving into the most interesting areas of this building, so stocked full of awesomeness and interesting things that i am completely overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. As I shoot and explore I am finding more and more interesting items – this seems to be some kind of further training department where they train for first aid, CPR and other medical types of things

Moving along, I am absolutely shocked to come across what seems to be an entire medical department, complete with Dr’s office, patient exam rooms, personnel medical files, medical books anD equipment, even a surgery room and a hazardous waste and hazardous materials storage room – full of hazardous stuff.

I move carefully in these rooms, aware of my surroundings and careful of what I touch and how I touch it.

There is so much more to see and tell from this location, it has a vast and dark basement complete with utility tunnels and storage rooms packed with old historical photos of the building and its past. There is a also large industrial room with a tool shop, lathes, presses and other machinery.

There will surely be more visits here by me when I’m able to capture more and to just hang out here again, there was just something about this place makes makes me want to go back

2016 is turning out to be another great year for finding unique places and this is just one more on that list

I hope you’ve enjoyed this one, thanks for checking it out!


abandoned office building
A self portrait of Freaktography wearing a company mascot head in an abandoned office and medical building



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