Abandoned Nursing Home | Urban Exploring

An Abandoned Nursing Home in New York State.

Built over 100 years ago as a hospital, this now abandoned nursing home has been left in a vacant state for over 20 years.

The building, which takes up a half of a city block had been renovated and expanded over its many years in service as the need for rooms increased with time.  In 1960 it was then converted from a hospital to a nursing home until the doors were shut and the windows boarded up in the 1990’s.

There are attempts to get this building a historic designation which would save the abandoned nursing home from demolition. Sitting as a major eye sore to the few houses on the street it occupies, it has been a playground for urban exploring, curious adventurers and photographers for many years.  Sadly it has also fallen victim to scrappers who have stripped much of the metal from the building to be sold for cash.

The basement and 1st floor of the abandoned building are nearly pitch black with thick air, the higher you climb the better the air becomes and the more light to photograph the beautiful decay of this abandoned building.

Myself and my partner RiddimRyder enjoyed a day of exploring and photographing the many floors and wings of this grand old building, from the dark basement to the roof with a beautiful view of the city as well as the chapel, many rooms and the highlight of the explore – the dentists office!