Abandoned New York Power Plant

This Abandoned New York Power plant was built in the late 1940’s when the during a time when the hunger for electricity was rapidly increasing. The original design consisted of two boilers providing steam to a single turbine unit.

A few short years later two additional boilers were added to power a second turbine giving the plant a total output of 70MW. In the late 1980’s there was talks of converting the plat from coal burning into garbage burning however with a 50 million dollar price tag, it didn’t make it passed the planning stage.

By 2000 area residents were complaining about the increasing emissions from the plant. The plant owners blamed the increased emissions on high levels of sulfur in the coal & a state inspector was sent out & determined that the emissions violated federal standards.

Today the plant sits slowly decaying without a shred of hope of ever being powered back up again.

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