Abandoned Four Million Dollar Mini Mansion Urban Exploring

Abandoned Four Million Dollar Mini Mansion Urban Exploring

Today we are exploring an Abandoned Four Million Dollar Mini Mansion, this house was discovered at random while scouting urban exploring locations in the winter of 2019.

In 2019, people seem to love the abandoned mansions.

On my YouTube page, the mansion videos that I post are out performing any other videos that I film.

The exploring community as well are chomping at the bit for the next abandoned mansions.

In my years of doing this I have never seen such a mad rush to get to the latest and greatest or to find the next big mansion. Not even in the years of time capsule houses was there this much interest!

Why do we think that is?

For one, I think getting a glimpse into how the rich and successful live has always been of interest and people love to see the lavish ways in which they build and design their homes and how they have lived.

Second, people seem to be amazed at the waste of space and resources just left behind to rot, not to mention some of the things that are left behind.

I personally find the majority of these abandoned mansions uninteresting, they are often empty and boring and have very little of interest. However, some of them can be extremely interesting and unique.

This is not one of those ones!

A few weeks back I decided to spend a day driving around and looking for anything interesting to explore when I took a left turn and stumbled upon this one. Down an long road, every home was huge, modern, well kept with expensive cars in the drive way and hired help outside doing maintenance.

Then I found this one, considered a large luxury home likely when it was built, now it is dwarfed by its neighbours. It sits empty, likely awaiting demolition to build a newer, larger home in its place to keep up with those homes that surround it.

A quick bit of research shows that this home and property is worth approximately $4,000,000 and the home is about 30 years old. It comes with an attached 3 car garage and has space for 8 cars in total. 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

I found the main floor to be in relatively good condition however a few steps into the basement and I could smell the presence of mold and water damage. The wallpaper in the basement had either been peeled back by humidity or by inspection and revealed a thick layer of black mold behind every panel.

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