Abandoned Houses from Across Ontario.

Ontario Abandoned Places

The Present State of the Past – 25 Abandoned Houses from Across Ontario. – Originally written for Huffington Post Canada – With every passing year we are finding more and more abandoned houses along Ontario’s back roads and farm lands. As cities grow and the need for improved infrastructure increases, our cities and towns encroach upon …

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Urban Exploration First Quarter Review

In business they do a review of first quarter results so they can forecast and plan out the rest of the year, this is my Urban Exploration Photography Review.  Businesses review to make cuts where needed or spend more in key areas. Is spending up but profits down? Have gas prices had a negative affect …

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Freaky Finds Volume 3: Minimalist Photography in Decay

Every once in a while I like to post a series of photographs with a theme.  I’ve had a number of simple photographs with nice lines, simple colours and great examples of Minimalist Photography . Photography with minimalist details that I’ve wanted to put out, but I felt they wouldn’t stand up as a single post. …

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