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Self Portrait of Urban Exploration Photographer Dave of Freaktography. Taken in an abandoned prison
Self Portrait of Urban Exploration Photographer Dave of Freaktography. Taken in an abandoned prison

Urban Exploring Photography or Urban Exploration is the study of parts of civilization that are normally unseen or off-limits. I explore abandoned structures, in addition to drains, rooftops and also active facilities.  The hobby is also known as either Urban Exploration or Urban Exploring. showcases stories in addition to urban exploration photography to anyone interested in abandoned places or cityscape and rooftopping photography

Feel free to navigate the menu’s above to see the many urban exploring locations I have visited and photographed. My photography is also available to purchase online, should you see something you like.


Urban Exploring Photography by Freaktography | Urban Exploration


Freaktography Urban Exploration in the News

My Urban Exploring photography work has been featured worldwide from online news sites such as Buzzfeed, PetaPixel and The Weather Channel.  In addition, my photos have been featured on The Flash and furthermore the big screen.  In a 2016 movie Lavender my photos were used in a relevant scene representing the photography of the main character.  Furthermore, I’ve been featured in the UK magazine  Reclaim and lastly I am a blogger for The Huffington Post.

Contacting the Photographer Behind Freaktography

I can be contacted for any general questions to press inquiries to sales and licensing opportunities. You can view my Freaktography Photo a Day gallery to see the urban exploration images that I post every day.  You may also want to follow me in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and  Twitter.

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Urban Exploring and Abandoned Photography Photo Book

Photo Book Sale Freaktography


Click Here to purchase a Photo Book

This is a high quality photo book featuring almost 40 of my most popular urban exploration photos. You will probably find this photo book is a great gift idea in addition to a conversation piece.

I have made the book available in three price ranges (Prices in Canadian dollars) depending on your budget.

  1. Hard Cover Book – $85.00 Plus $10 Shipping
  2. Premium Hardcover Book with extra thick lay-flat pages – $125.00 Plus $10 Shipping
  3. Freaktography Wall Calendar – $60.00 Plus $7 Shipping – Click Here to Buy Calendar


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