Vacant Hospital Exploration

Exploring a Vacant Hospital in Ontario, Canada

Tensions were high in this explore of a (somewhat) recently closed hospital in Southern Ontario.

I had no Intel on this one other than I knew that a few people had been inside in the past and some of them caught and ticketed.

I spent a good deal of time scouting the location and tracking the activities of the security company charged with watching the facility.

Figuring a daytime approach was not the smartest idea I waited till it was darker. Access was surprisingly easy but being inside was pretty stressful.

I enjoyed photographing for a few hours, seeing the morgue, autopsy room with stainless steel autopsy table, maternity ward and more.

The hospital was open for over 50 years but the need for a larger and more modern facility is what caused it to shut down.  Siting empty and vacant and mostly unused (except for a few small uses for movie filming), the facility still has power and running water.  There is an overall plan for eventual demolition and re-use for the land.

It was great to get the chance to explore and photograph this place before the power is cut and the walls start coming down.

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