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A page to showcase my urban exploration photo of the day, a random variety of my abandoned photography for all to enjoy.

Also, a selection of my photographs are available for online purchase as photography prints at this link. All photos are available to purchase, use the contact page for more info.

You can also purchase a coffee table book of my abandoned photography at the link: Freaktography Photo Book Sale

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7 thoughts on “Urban Exploration Photo of the Day

  1. I’ve followed your pictures by looking at some videos of others who have depicted the same places, but honestly, I love the photos much more than the videos. I can study them and soak it all in. The videos just don’t do these places justice. Love your work. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Just love looking at your photo’s i find them fascinating.
    Some amazing old buildings here in beautiful Yorkshire ,England.
    Keep up the great work

  3. I’ve always been saddened by abandoned homes and buildings, always so worried about the people who left them and never returned. It’s just crazy to me that people got up and walked out one day and never gave a thought to all they left behind. I love the photos and have a few of my own from Northern Maine on the Canadian border, one summer while visiting my husband and I drove the roads with nothing else to do and found abandoned home everywhere. I so badly wanted to explore them, but he wouldn’t allow it, saying they are like time capsules, private places like graves almost that should be left alone and intact. I took pictures of the outsides and have imagined since the stories to go along with them. Thanks for sharing your finds, they are haunting to say the very least.

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