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Sexy Retreat An Urban Exploring Abandoned Time Capsule House

Sexy Retreat An Urban Exploring Abandoned Time Capsule House

As soon as I walked into this abandoned time capsule house I was immediately reminded of the feeling the first time I walked into the Cat Lady House 

RiddimRyder Photography and I happened upon this location many months ago when searching google maps for prospective locations. I can’t remember which of us found it, but was Riddim who finally made the trek out to see what this place was all about.

This place is so well hidden and difficult to access and although we know it has been abandoned for more than 15 years, it still felt that at any moment someone would come home!

RiddimRyder named this location the “Sexy Retreat” because in a very conservative looking bedroom, there was a large mirror on the ceiling above the bed.

Based on documents we found in the house as well as the calendars on the wall we determined that the house had been left abandoned around 15 years or so.  Also, judging by the difficult approach to this secluded house, no one had been there for a very very long time!