Ontario Psychiatric Hospital

Since 1870 this property has served as an Ontario Psychiatric Hospital, from as far back to the days when alcohol was used to sedate patients, restraints were common and a lack of sensitivity to the mentally ill was captured by the name “Insane Asylum”.  Over the years, health care would progress and the province would take over mental health care, moving away from the asylum for more of a clinical and hospital like setting.

The area of this Ontario Psychiatric Hospital is in close relation to a number of others that have also been closed down, vacated and abandoned as the province builds larger hospitals with more specialized care and treatment.

6 thoughts on “Ontario Psychiatric Hospital

  1. Ah, I recognize this place 🙂 my old workplace 🙂 Now if you could get into the old Men’s Surg that is boarded up you would enjoy that historic building!

  2. i worked at the kingstone KSH Ontario, for some years in the 1960s and am at a loss as to what to say, I visited the site sept 2016 while visiting a friend at kingstone, what a mess.

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